Custody & Visitation

Understanding Custody Options In Minnesota

Few issues are more important to parents than the futures of their children. When that future must change due to a breakup or divorce, those parents often do their best to ensure a smooth transition for the children that could help them thrive in their new family setup.

The decisions you make now could affect your children’s lives for several years. If you are like numerous other divorcing couples in Minnesota, you want to do what you can to get it right the first time. The first step may be to obtain some information and understand the options. Macaulay Law Offices offers a 30-minute consultation with an attorney during which you could get some of the answers you need. You can call us at 651-231-1237 to schedule an appointment today.

The Two Different Types Of Custody

There may be several forms of custody, but legally, there are only two types of child custody laws.
  • Legal custody is the ability to make major life decisions for your children such as where they go to school, what religion they practice and more that will affect them long term. These days, most courts will award joint legal custody so that parents can continue to make these choices together.
  • Physical custody deals with issues such as the children’s primary residence, along with which parent will be primarily responsible for the children’s day-to-day care such as providing food, clothing and other needs. Minnesota tends to favor joint physical custody as long as it serves the best interests of the children. What form that takes could be up to you and the other parent if you decide to negotiate your child custody agreement and parenting plans outside of the courtroom.

Divorce Also Affects Grandparents And Extended Family

In many cases, a divorce or other form of separation affects more than just the parents and children. Close relationships with grandparents and other extended family could also suffer. Courts may consider the rights of these individuals to have contact, and even some visitation rights, with the children depending on the circumstances. We have a lot of experience dealing with interested third-party and de facto custody cases, on behalf of grandparents or other generous and concerned family or friends who have taken on the responsibility for caring for someone else’s children.

30-Minute Consultation

For a more in-depth and personalized evaluation of your custody and visitation issues or other divorce issues, speak with a St. Paul or Edina lawyer. Call us to take advantage of Macaulay Law Offices‘ 30-minute consultation. You can contact us at 651-231-1237 or via our online contact form.