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As is the case elsewhere, one of the most common criminal charges here in Minnesota is DWI. Police pull over drivers, suspect them of impairment and place them under arrest after conducting some roadside tests. It hardly seems fair, especially since the tests may set you up to fail. However, you would probably agree that allowing people to drive when their ability to do so safely diminishes due to alcohol or drugs probably isn’t a good idea since it places everyone’s lives at risk. Our St. Paul and Edina criminal defense team can help. Call 651-231-1237 to speak with an attorney. Any potential charges for DWI should be taken seriously. You may think pleading guilty to a misdemeanor would make the situation go away, but it also leaves you with a conviction on your record that could affect future employment, future admission to college and other aspects of your life. Charges could also result in a license suspension, which means you could lose your driver’s license for a period of time, which could substantially affect your life.

Challenging The Charges

DUI/DWI cases progress in the same manner as other criminal cases, but the details change. In these cases, the following elements are challenged most often:
  • The validity of the traffic stop
  • The accuracy of the roadside breath test
  • The subjectivity of the officer in field sobriety tests
In order to arrest you for drunk driving, the officer must first establish probable cause through these elements. If he or she failed to do so at any point, then your arrest may not stand, along with the charges. In other cases, it may be possible to reduce the charges to a traffic violation that would not have the same impact on your record. Minnesota has zero tolerance for impaired drivers under the age of 21. This means that any trace of alcohol for an underage driver could result in arrest. The legal per se limit for blood alcohol concentration in adults is .08, but Minnesota could charge you with aggravated DWI if your BAC is .16 or more. The criminal penalties range from a maximum of 90 days in jail to up to seven years in prison, along with fines ranging from $1,000 for a fourth-degree DWI to $14,000 for a first-degree DWI.

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