Helping You Appeal State Or Federal Criminal Convictions In Minnesota

The stakes are high in criminal cases. Despite defendants having so much to lose, no one is perfect. Judges, criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors all make mistakes from time to time. The question that an appeals court would ask is whether the errors changed the outcome of your case.

If there is a chance that this happened to you, an appeal may be worth considering. Jennifer Macaulay can review your case and let you know whether you have grounds for an appeal. Schedule an appointment today to arrange a 30-minute initial consultation to see what she and her team can do for you by calling our St. Paul or Edina office at 651-231-1237.

Experience Gives Your Appeal The Best Chance Of Succeeding

Some lawyers only handle a few appeals over their entire legal career. But Jennifer handles at least a dozen every year. In fact, Jennifer Macaulay has handled over 100 appeals in all different courts. She knows how the appellate process works and has the skill to write and present effective appeals. Hiring an experienced appeals lawyer like Jennifer Macaulay gives your case the best chance at being overturned.

As an experienced appeals lawyer, Jennifer has appealed cases involving all of the following:

  • Temporary injunctions and the appeal from the court’s ruling
  • Petitions for review, rehearing or certiorari
  • Discovery and evidentiary motions
  • Motions for summary judgment and other dispositive motions
  • Federal and state postconviction and habeas relief

An appeal is not a retrial of your criminal case. Instead, appellate judges review the record of your case to determine whether a legal mistake took place. If the appeals court rules that an error occurred, it will then determine whether it was serious enough to affect the outcome of your case — i.e., your conviction and/or sentencing. If it was serious, the appeals court may overturn your conviction, overturn your sentence or order the trial court to take further action.

Find The Right Support

Much of Jennifer’s appellate work is in the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, which is the federal circuit appellate court including Minnesota. Cases usually come to her through Criminal Justice Act appointments or referrals, but you may call her directly as well. Jennifer believes in your Sixth Amendment right to counsel given to you in the U.S. Constitution. She also believes that no one should endure a conviction and sentence due to an egregious error at the trial court level.

With your future at stake, you may want to consult with an attorney with post-conviction experience in the area of appeals since they are not everyone’s “cup of tea,” so to speak. An attorney with experience can provide you with an honest assessment of your case and help you through the appeals process. Contact our team here at Macaulay Law Offices today either online or at 651-231-1237 to see how we can help you.