Divorce & Family Law

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Attorneys see people during some of the worst times of their lives. One of those times is when marital and nonmarital relationships break down and encounter hardships. For more than 20 years, Macaulay Law Offices has helped Minnesota families find solutions to their family law disputes. Whether you are getting a divorce or otherwise ending a relationship in which children are involved, we can help. Of course, you don’t have to have children to benefit from our services. Call us in St. Paul and Edina at 651-231-1237 to schedule your consultation.

Our Experience Had Given Us Tools You Need To Solve Legal Disputes

Some of the keys to a successful resolution in family law matters are adaptability, compromise and cooperation. To that end, below are some of the tools Jennifer Macaulay uses to help you reach a satisfactory resolution to your divorce and family law issues:

  • Mediation
  • Family assessments
  • Arbitration
  • Parent coordination
  • Divorce planning
  • Communication coaching
  • Collaborative law
  • Family violence issues
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation

In many cases, one strategy just isn’t enough, so we often combine several strategies to help you reach your family law goals. We also understand that military families and LGBTQ families have unique issues that require additional knowledge that Jennifer took the time to gain in order to serve her clients better.

Even though we would prefer to help you end your relationship amicably, we know that just isn’t possible sometimes. If you have family violence issues that keep you from using friendlier dispute resolution methods, Jennifer is more than willing to take your case before a judge.

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We at Macaulay Law Offices understand that this is a trying time in your life, and we work to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere where you receive the answers you need. Jennifer is an approachable lawyer who strives to remain accessible when you need an attorney the most. Contact us at 651-231-1237 or via email to schedule consultation today.