Drug Crimes

Charged With A Drug Crime In Twin Cities Metro Area?

Perhaps police caught you off guard when they arrested you for drug crimes. You may not yet be sure what type and severity of drug charges you may face. Your freedom, your future and nearly every aspect of your life could be affected by these charges, and it may help to better understand what you face.

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Depending on the amount of controlled substance or substances police say you possessed and what they say you intended to do with them (sell them, traffic them or manufacture them), you could face charges from fifth degree to first degree. The potential incarceration times between fifth and first degree range from up to five years in prison to up to 30 years in prison. The fines can range from up to $10,000 for a fifth-degree conviction to up to $1 million for a first-degree conviction.

Marijuana is still not legal here in Minnesota, but if you possess 42.5 grams of marijuana or less, the charge may only be a misdemeanor. Possession of anything more, you could face fifth-degree felony charges. Other controlled substances afflicting Minnesotans are heroin and cocaine, for which there are no misdemeanor charges.

Types Of Drug Crimes We Represent

The drug charges you could face will fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Possession: The drugs were within your control. Charges for possession of a controlled substance often occur when you have drugs you intend to use, but not sell.

  • Distribution: Police believe that the quantity of drugs you possess is enough to indicate that you intend to sell them. This charge is often reserved for the sale of smaller quantities of drugs.

  • Trafficking: This charge stems from the amount of drugs, which is often of such a large scale that the intention is to transport them to locations for sale.

  • Manufacturing or cultivating: If police suspect you of this drug crime, they believe you are making and/or growing drugs.

The Help You Need After a Controlled Substance Arrest

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