Domestic Assault

Experienced Twin Cities Attorney Defending Those Accused Of Domestic Violence

Family conflicts are never easy. Unfortunately, a simple misunderstanding or a family member’s exaggerations can lead to unwarranted domestic assault allegations. If those allegations are brought to the court, your life can be drastically altered.

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In Minnesota, a domestic assault accusation can severely curtail many of your rights. It can lead to burdensome restraining orders, firearms confiscation and expensive fines. This does not even touch some of the social impacts a charge can have on your relationships with friends, family and neighbors.

How You Can Protect Yourself After a Domestic Assault Charge

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The best thing you can do for yourself at this point, is to follow all court and police orders and hire an attorney. Domestic assault allegations are notoriously difficult cases. Tensions run high and you can easily say or do something that jeopardizes your future. A sarcastic remark or spur of the moment decision may make your defense much more difficult.

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, our staff can provide you with the resources you need to minimize your jail time or avoid a conviction entirely. We work on domestic assault cases across the seven-county metropolitan area. Our firm knows what prosecutors leverage against you and how to counter evidence the state may gather. With Macaulay Law Offices on your side, you can avoid the worst-case scenario: years in jail, heavy fines and the loss of your loved ones.

If you are found guilty, we can guide you through appeals procedures.

A domestic assault accusation can devastate your future. Not only can you face criminal charges, but you are now also in a weakened position in other legal matters. You will need serious legal help to maintain your rights and prevent unfair legal ramifications. Call our office for help at 651-968-0621. Our lawyer can represent you in court proceedings, including order for protection appeals, divorce proceedings and child custody determinations. If you cannot call, send us an email right away.