3 social media mistakes to avoid during your divorce

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Social media has many positive aspects, but it can also create havoc in your life if you are not careful.

If you are getting a divorce, use social media cautiously and avoid these mistakes.

1. Forgetting to change passwords

Remembering passwords is a hassle, so most people stay logged in to their social media accounts or save passwords to their devices. This can be a problem if you and your ex have shared devices.

If your spouse has access to your social media, he or she may stumble upon information you did not intend to share. Your ex might even go looking for messages and information to use against you. To prevent this, sign out of all active sessions and change your passwords.

2. Venting about your ex

Many people turn to social media for support in times of stress, but when you are going through a divorce, it is better to confide in a friend or mental health professional. Even if your posts are “private,” there is always a chance that they may get back to your former spouse.

3. Allowing friends to tag you in photos

It is not enough to control your own social media usage; you should also be careful what you allow others to post about you. Use discretion when posting photos, and ask your friends to do the same to avoid impacting your divorce proceedings.

Photos that contain clues about your financial situation, such as a picture of a lavish vacation, might influence property division or support orders. Photos involving parties and alcohol can influence custody arrangements or reduce your parenting time.

While social media can be fun, it can cause serious problems during your divorce. Always use caution and avoid posting anything you would not want your former spouse to see.