Is your spouse a narcissist?

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Divorce means more than simply dividing things from your failed relationship. It may mean a successful escape from an emotionally abusive spouse.

Some abusive partners may fall under the narcissist umbrella. Is your spouse one of them? Discover some of the signs that your spouse is a narcissist

You feel isolated

After marrying your spouse, did your friendships and family ties suffer? One of the telltale signs of a narcissist is how he or she separates you from those to who you were once close. The act of isolation happens over time, often with disparaging comments about your friends and family. However, this separation from those you value may leave you feeling alone as your divorce looms.

You have esteem issues

A narcissist is good at leading a double life. The praise once heaped upon you may take a dark turn during your marriage. A narcissist maintains one image when out and about, but behind closed doors may launch scathing and hurtful insults your way. These usually focus on your appearance, making you feel ashamed and guilty. With this low self-esteem, a narcissist may convince you that you may never have anyone better to make you want to stay.

You do not have access to money

Since control is vital to a narcissist, you may not have access to your financial accounts. During a separation, you may fear not having the ability to provide for yourself or your children. You may ask for temporary support to get you through the divorce proceedings. With the control over money lifted, you may start to move forward with your divorce more confidently.

Psychological abuse may leave lasting emotional scars on people. When separating from a narcissist, you may want to consider seeking help for your emotional wellbeing and recovery.