Decoding the acronyms of the Minnesota family court system

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Families involved with the court system during Minnesota divorce and custody will encounter countless acronyms. Understanding these abbreviations can make it easier to navigate the legal system.

These are some of the key acronyms used by attorneys, judges and others in Minnesota family court.


This term stands for the Administration of Children and Families. This government agency manages the Minnesota child support process as well as other child welfare initiatives.


Automatic income withholding, or AIW, is the most common way to pay child support in Minnesota. ACF will withdraw the court-ordered amount from the wages of the parent who pays support and distribute it to the parent who receives child support (typically the parent with primary custody).


Minnesota agencies use this abbreviation to stand for children who have special health care needs. Some children qualify for services through the state because of concerns with emotional, behavioral, developmental and physical health. Family stress such as divorce can increase a child’s risk for health issues.


The child support payment center is the central system for the collection and distribution of Minnesota child support payments. While most parents use AIW, others pay child support online or make a cash payment through CSPC.


This abbreviation stands for the Department of Human Services. This Minnesota agency provides a variety of services including child support and child care programs.

Ask questions if you do not understand any terms used by your attorney or a court official. Otherwise, you may miss important information about your divorce, child support or child custody case