Where should your child custody transfer take place?

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Focusing on the best interests of your kids may help you maintain your sanity during your divorce. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have decided to share legal and physical custody of your kids, you probably cannot cut your current husband or wife out of your life forever. Instead, you must arrange for regular custody transfers. 

A custody transfer is simply the meeting you have with your children’s co-parent to swap the kids at the beginnings and ends of your scheduled parenting time. Especially in the first few months after your divorce, this custody transfer may cause conflict. Therefore, you likely want to identify the location of your custody transfer in your negotiated parenting plan. 

The problem with either parent’s home

It may be tempting to swing by your ex-spouse’s house to pick up the kids or to ask him or her to come to your home. Doing so, though, may do more harm than good. After all, seeing each other in post-divorce dwellings may be uncomfortable. This may be particularly true if either you or your ex-spouse has a new live-in partner. 

The benefit of a convenient location

While virtually anywhere works as a custody transfer location, neither parent should have to bear all the inconvenience of reaching the meeting site. Consequently, you may want to pick a place that is approximately equidistant between your home and your ex-spouse’s. Using a location you each visit frequently, like your children’s school, may also make a great deal of sense.  

You undoubtedly have much on your plate during your divorce. By addressing the technical details of your co-parenting relationship, including the location of your custody transfer, you increase your chances of having a healthy one.