Why you should stay off of social media during divorce

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If you are like most people, social media plays a role in your life. Whether you upload pictures every day or simply check in on your timeline once a week, it is undoubtedly something that more and more people are using. Social media is a great tool for keeping up to date with your friends and sharing photos of your life.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can also impact divorce proceedings. What may seem like a harmless update can have major ramifications. Here are a few good reasons why you should keep your distance from the keyboard during the end of your marriage.

Nothing is actually private

You can have the strictest privacy settings on your social media profiles, but you can still never trust that anything you post is secure. Once something is on the internet, there is always a way for someone to access it. It is easy for your spouse to access your posts and use them against you in court. Even mutual friends may turn against you and relay your content to your spouse.

It may hurt your custody negotiations

Custody can be a core point of contention in your divorce. Your spouse may pounce on anything in your social media posts to try to show you do not deserve custody. Even photos of you hanging out with friends while drinking alcohol may haunt you.

Posts reveal spending habits

Finances are another big issue when you are going through a divorce. Posting pictures of yourself taking trips, spending time with friends or purchasing items can be fodder for your spouse to use against you. This may impact decisions regarding asset division and support payments.

It can be toxic

While you may feel an urge to vent on social media, it can catch you in a vicious cycle. It is best to confide in trustworthy friends, family members or a therapist instead of posting on a public forum.