What are grounds for divorce in Minnesota?

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In order to successfully file for a divorce, you must have the grounds to do so. This means that you will need to pay attention to the law before filing to ensure that your marital situation will meet the criteria.

The state laws in Minnesota determine the grounds for divorce. Minnesota only offers a no-fault divorce process, meaning that you cannot go through the divorce by purely citing that your spouse committed an act that should result in divorce. Instead, you will need to cite one of the following no-fault grounds for divorce.

Irreconcilable differences

Claiming irreconcilable differences is perhaps the most common no-fault divorce citation. By claiming irreconcilable differences, you are attempting to show the courts that the marriage has broken down beyond repair. This means that you believe there is no way that the marriage could benefit from therapy or counseling.

Marital discord that affects the way that spouses relate to each other

If one spouse has changed in personality or if an affair or betrayal has occurred, spouses will likely not be able to relate to each other in the same way, and as a result, divorce may be appropriate.

Spouses have lived apart for more than 180 days

If you are estranged from your spouse but on amicable terms, you can file for divorce when you have lived apart for more than 180 days.

If you are approaching divorce in Minnesota, it is likely that you have several concerns and uncertainties. You should address this by looking into the more detailed aspects of the law. This will help you to prepare a divorce strategy.