Protecting your children from domestic abuse

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If you are a victim of domestic abuse and you are consequentially going through a divorce, you may still be worried about the future well-being of your children, especially if the other parent of your children was your abuser. It is important that you do not keep silent about any abuse that was taking place in your marriage. By reporting the abuse, you will be able to protect your own safety, and it will likely keep your children safe from any potential abuse from their other parent for years to come.

Reports of domestic violence and abuse in a relationship can greatly affect child custody cases, and it is important to understand how the law works in regard to this. The child custody courts in Minnesota seek to protect the child’s best interests at all times. This means that they take any allegations of domestic abuse very seriously indeed.

How does the court assess domestic violence allegations?

The court understands that it is beneficial for a child to have a relationship with both of their parents; therefore, they will try to ensure this can safely happen if possible. They will question whether the domestic abuse in question ever took place in front of child or if it was ever directed at the child. They will also assess the frequency and the severity of the abuse.

If you want to protect your children from exposure to domestic violence, it is important that you take action and report any of your concerns. Child custody courts will always do what is necessary to ensure that your child is protected.